Organics Bingo Challenge

Have you heard that curbside organics recycling is coming to Hopkins January 1? To help make this transition a fun learning experience, residents are invited to participate in an Organics Recycling Bingo Challenge, beginning January 10.

Compete with friends and family while reducing waste to see who can get a Bingo. Winners will be entered into a drawing to win three boxes of BPI bags.

The goal of the Bingo challenge is to motivate residents to reduce waste and manage organics in a way that will help encourage behavior change.

How to Play

Download the Organics Recycling Bingo Challenge playing card. Read and follow the instructions for each Bingo space below. All submissions for a bingo must include a photo. 

Submitting a Bingo

Participants who have completed their Bingo must show which row, column or diagonal they have crossed out on the Bingo card, along with the five corresponding photos (four if you claimed the free space) in an email to

When submitting, the subject of your email should read “Organics Bingo Challenge, First Name, Last Name” make sure it includes the bingo card and the correlating photos.

Winners will receive an email shortly after the challenge ends. 

Free Space Box

If you have not signed-up for organics yet and CAN sign-up, please do so to claim this box. If you are living in a multifamily home where curbside is not applicable to you, you may claim the free space. 

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