Emergency Ordinance 2022-1178

The Hopkins City Council adopted Emergency Ordinance 2022-1178 - An Emergency Ordinance Relating to Face Covering Requirements within Specified Indoor Spaces within the City of Hopkins, Minnesota during a special meeting on Tuesday, January 11. 

Council voted four (Hanlon, Hunke, Garrido, Balan) to one (Beck) in favor of the ordinance. The Ordinance will go into effect January 14, 2022 at 12:01 a.m. and stay in effect through February 13, 2022. 

Council also made a decision to move to virtual meetings during the duration of the Emergency Ordinance. 

View Emergency Ordinance 2022-1178 (PDF)

Watch the January 11 Special Meeting

Flyers/Signage for Doors (PDF)