Downtown Parking

Free Ramp Parking Sign

There are nearly 1,000 public parking spaces in downtown Hopkins. Some of the spaces require permits; others are free for certain lengths of time. View the parking lot map and information on the Downtown Public Parking Map page.

Downtown Public Parking Map

2024 Parking Permits

You can purchase a parking permit online. Payment is taken through PayPal. You must sign-in or create an account before completing the application form. 

Once signed into your account, use this Parking Permit Order Form to purchase a 2024 parking permit.

You can also print and return your completed parking permit application (PDF) with the appropriate fee to the City of Hopkins.

Overnight Permits

Overnight residential parking permits are available in-person at City Hall.

Free Parking

You can park free in any of the downtown parking lots for a duration of one to three hours, depending on the lot. Time limits are posted in the ramp, each municipal lot and on downtown streets. Please be aware that time limits may vary between lots and within different areas of the same lot.

Handicapped parking is allowed in any parking space without displaying a City of Hopkins parking permit. The vehicle is required to show proper state handicapped identification.

See the parking map page for more information.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is prohibited in City parking lots, with the exception of qualifying residential permits in lots 200 and 300.

Overnight parking is available for residents between 11th and 8th Avenues with a special permit in the municipal ramp. Residents that qualify for overnight parking must have a specific residential parking pass for overnight parking. For more information please contact City Hall at 952-935-8474.

Note: Gallery Flats residents must purchase a parking permit from Gallery Flats Management instead of the City.

Parking Revenues

All revenues derived from parking fees go to the parking fund, which is used exclusively to sustain the existing parking system. Fees and fines from parking tickets are not sufficient to provide for all the costs of maintaining the city’s parking ramp and parking lots, and are supplemented by tax revenues. Infrastructure improvements to the city’s parking system is provided in part by an annual capital improvements tax levy.

Snow Emergencies

Whenever it snows 2 inches or more, parking is NOT allowed on city streets or in the municipal parking lots, with the exception of Lot 300 (located on 9th Avenue S, north of Downtown Park) and the Maetzold Field parking lot.

When in doubt, call the Snow Line at 952-939-1399 for verification that snow emergency has been declared. Visit the Snow Emergencies page for more information.