How is The Depot Funded?

The Short Version

The Depot Youth Project maintains youth programming and youth development work. The annual budget hovers around $130,000.

The City of Hopkins, which is one of the community partners for The Depot, manages the money. They are a "fiscal agent" and process all donations to the Depot Youth Project. This is particularly important in securing grants from community foundations, as well as from individuals. In this regard, the Depot Youth Project is viewed as a community non-profit organization. The project budget pays for building and utility expenses, and covers the purchasing and maintenance of most of the equipment, whether primary use is for the project or the Coffee House.

There are basically three funding streams for the Depot Youth Project: grants, income (cover charges/tee-shirt sales/rentals) and donations from community groups and individuals. Typically, grants cover specific budget items and donations can be applied to the general budget.

The Depot Coffee House is a profit-making business. The coffee house creates its own revenue to provide for staffing and for product. At the discretion of the manager, some profits can be designated to the Youth Project or other program needs. Student volunteers are expected to learn the business and be trained to "work the counter" as part of their Depot commitment.

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