Fire Alarm System & Extinguisher Maintenance

Section 900 of the MSFC requires that all fire alarm systems and portable fire extinguishers be maintained in good operating condition and be serviced annually.

Fire Alarm Systems

Annual service and testing is required by an authorized service technician in accordance with nationally recognized standards.

A copy of all service and maintenance reports shall be kept on the premises for a minimum of five years for review by the fire department.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Annual service is required by a trained service technician in accordance with nationally recognized standards and Section 906 of the Minnesota State Fire Code.

Monthly Visual Inspection

A monthly visual inspection of each extinguisher should be performed to insure:

  • It is in its proper location
  • Access to and visibility is not obstructed
  • Seals or tamper indicators are intact
  • Pressure gauge is in the normal range
  • It is free of any obvious physical damage

Removed From Service

If any problems are found that could make the extinguisher inoperative or dangerous to operate, it should be removed from service until repairs can be made.

Note: Any time an extinguisher is removed for service, a replacement extinguisher should immediately be provided.