Cross Sections

Cross sections show a view through the building's framework from foundation to the peak of the roof. Multiple cross sections may be necessary to portray the various work proposed. Cross sections should show:

  • The footing width and depth including rebar placement
  • Foundation type (masonry, concrete, or wood), foundation height and thickness, rebar locations, and framing details
  • Anchor bolt locations
  • Sill plates, floor joist size and spacing, stud size and spacing, exterior and interior sheathing, exterior wall coverings, and insulation and vapor barriers
  • Roof framing including truss drawings or joist and rafter size and spacing, roof pitch, eave details, insulation and vapor barriers, roof sheathing, underlayment, ventilation methods, ice and water barrier installations, and roofing type

Descriptive notes may be included to address specific issues such as treated plates, header sizes, and fastener schedules.