Water Quality

The City of Hopkins obtains its drinking water from three municipal wells each about 500 feet deep and extending into the Prairie Du Chien-Jordan groundwater aquifer.

A water treatment plant treats and filters this well water to reduce iron and manganese concentrations and then adds chlorine and fluoride.

Safe Drinking Water Act

The City's public water supply system has always remained in full compliance with all state and federal drinking water regulations. 

Water samples are routinely collected and analyzed for chemical composition and bacterial contamination by the Minnesota Department of Health as required under the Minnesota Public Water Supply Program and the Environmental Protection Agency's "Safe Drinking Water Act."

Child Drinking Water from Drinking Fountain

Wellhead Protection

In order to prevent future contamination of Hopkins' municipal wells, the City recently completed a wellhead protection plan that will help City staff guard against undesirable land use or existing public or private well activity that could affect our invaluable groundwater aquifer.

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Additions to the Water

The City adds chlorine to control taste and odor and keep the water system bacterially clean.

Corrosion Control

Corrosion control in the water system is handled by the addition of the LPC-9 Corrosion Inhibitor; it creates a barrier inside the plumbing that reduces the transfer of lead from the solder, and copper from the pipes into the drinking water systems.


Fluoride is added to the water to help prevent tooth decay. The level of fluoride is kept at 0.5 to 0.9 parts per million as mandated by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Water Hardness

The City's water is 21 grains of hardness, and has less than .03 parts per million of iron after filtering.