Transit Link (Dial-A-Ride)

Transit Link is dial-a-ride minibus or van service for the general public that must be reserved in advance.

Transit Link service is curb-to-curb service, with limited assistance. Transit Link Service is different from Metro Mobility service- it is available to the general public and is intended to serve areas where regular transit route service is not available. Fares will be based on the distance traveled, though groups who travel together are eligible for a discount.

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Transit Link Website
Metropolitan Council Website
Phone: 651-602-1000


Transit Link is intended to augment regular route transit service, rather than duplicate it. The Metropolitan Council's goal is to help riders reach their destinations—this may involve a combination of regular route and Transit Link. To assure Transit Link doesn't duplicate regular route service, each trip will be evaluated for eligibility. To be eligible, the trip must not be possible by regular route transit.

Fares for Transit Link Service

Trips less than 10 miles
$2.25 each way
Trips between 10 and 20 miles
$4.50 each way
Trips greater than 20 miles
$6.75 each way

Group discounts are available and ADA-certified riders pay a maximum of $4.50 per direction. Transfers will often be free—the only times you will need to pay additional fare are when transferring from Transit Link to the Northstar Line or to peak express bus service. If the Transit Link fare is less than the fare for Northstar or express service, the passenger must pay the difference.

Operating Guidelines

Hours of Service
6 am to 7 pm, weekdays
Reservation Scheduling Hours
7 am to 3:30 pm, weekdays
Advance Reservation Window
Up to 5 business days in advance
Service Type
Curb-to-curb with limited assistance
Pickup Window
0 to 30 minutes
Vehicle Wait Time
3 minutes
Advance Cancellation Window
At least 1 hour prior to scheduled pick up time
Walking Distance to Regular Route Stop
1/4 mile from Nov 1 to March 31
1/2 mile from April 1 to Oct 31

How to Ride

To reserve a ride, call 651-602-LINK (5465). Tell the reservationist your destination, and staff will help you determine whether your trip is eligible for Transit Link or if you have regular transit route options available. Be sure to tell the staff if you are going to a scheduled appointment time.

Customer service staff will also help you through the process of riding Transit Link and regular transit buses. Transit Link is a shared ride, and other riders may be picked up and dropped off along the way.

The bus will arrive within 30 minutes of the pickup time. If your pickup time is 1 pm, the bus will arrive sometime between 1 and 1:30 pm. Be ready to board when the bus arrives.

Cancel a Ride

Need to cancel a ride? Call Transit Link at least one hour before your scheduled pickup time.